The Truth About the Harbor Stage Company

The Harbor Stage Company: Stacy Fischer, Robert Kropf, Amanda Collins, Lewis Wheeler, Brenda Withers, and Jonathan Fielding.

Courtesy HSC - The Harbor Stage Company: Stacy Fischer, Robert Kropf, Amanda Collins, Lewis Wheeler, Brenda Withers, and Jonathan Fielding.

You may think you know what Harbor Stage Company is up to, but chances are you're wrong. That's how they roll.

In case you haven’t heard, Harbor Stage Company will perform its first season this summer in that iconic little theater on the harbor where the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater began.

Wellfleet's newest professional theater company announced their inaugural season with three plays and a rock-bottom season ticket price. In this case what they're up to is pretty clear: they think it's foolish to let ticket prices come between you and their seats.

To introduce themselves, they're presenting a short panel discussion during the Wellfleet Blossoms Festival this weekend called The Truth (About Non-Truth).

Meet the Harbor Stage Company...

The Truth (About Non-Truth)

Saturday, April 14
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Wellfleet Preservation Hall

335 Main Street, Wellfleet

A short panel discussion about what is valuable in art that aims to challenge the traditional artist into re-considering what is worth exploring.

For more information Click Here

I asked the show's producing partner, Jonathan Fielding, to describe the one-time only event, intended for both beginning and experienced artists.

The Truth (About Non-Truth) presents a conversation about the crafting of character in the theater, which for the theater-artist is essentially the creative beginning,” Fielding says. “The panel discussion will be between some world-renowned theater experts who have traveled to Wellfleet and who may or may not be dead.”

With this group's ability to slip in and out of character, combined with a knack for improv, one can only imagine what will happen. We only know that it will be a fun ride.

A bold and beautiful lineup

The Truth (About Non-Truth) is Saturday, April 14, 1pm at Preservation Hall in Wellfleet.

Harbor Stage Company's season opens officially on June 20 with Ibsen's Hedda Gabler, adapted and directed by Artistic Director Robert Kropf. They'll come out of the gate smoldering on this one.

On July 18 they open Church, by Young Jean Lee. The company describes the play as “a bold and bizarre creation.... Equal parts revival and revolution, the play uses music, dance, and traditional storytelling to upend our thoughts about religion, redemption and personal responsibility.”

Sticks and Bones, by David Rabe, opens August 15. Winner of a Tony Award for Best Play, the piece is a rarely produced gem, a riotous and unflinching look at the haunting ravages of war. This biting absurdist comedy offers a view of a post-war landscape both familiar and mystifying.”

Making art accessible

The company’s hope is to solicit enough dedicated donations to fund an initiative allowing all Cape veterans to attend a performance for free.

In order to ensure accessibility and attract a more diverse audience, the company has established a $20 single ticket  price and is offering a further-discounted season subscription for $48.

“We’re presenting work we love in one of the most unique venues on the planet. We want everyone to be able to afford to see it,” explains Artistic Associate Brenda Withers. 

“Theater is the only art form where an audience has a direct impact on the final product; the

broader an audience’s make-up, the more potential there is for a complex, inspiring experience.  We want all of the Wellfleet community to feel welcome at the Harbor.” 

The group will also host a pay-what-you-can night for each production.


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