Wayne Soares Makes Film Debut In "Blind Pass"

Wayne Soares


Comedian Wayne Soares has told jokes to audiences numbering in the thousands. He has given motivational speeches in front of children of all ages, urging them to stand up to bullies. And he has hosted television shows that have been broadcast nationally. 

But until recently he had never played the role of actor. He crossed that off his list of creative accomplishments when he stepped onto the film set of “Blind Pass” in November 2011, playing a bouncer at a jazz club in a movie that was written and directed by Steve Tatone.

And for the first time the East Falmouth resident saw himself on the big screen while attending a screening of the thriller this past weekend at the Burns Court Cinema in Sarasota, Florida, the city where the majority of the filming for “Blind Pass” took place. 

Mr. Soares then hosted a Q&A following the film with Mr. Tatone as well as the its stars: Armand Assante (“American Gangster,” “Judge Dredd”); Ed Lauter (“Psych,” “Mulholland Falls,” “ER”); and Danielle White, a singer who appeared on the reality TV show “American Juniors.”

At the screening Mr. Tatone announced the upcoming production of his next movie, “Serenade,” which serves as the sequel to “Blind Pass.”

Soares Tapped For "Serenade"

Joining the cast of “Serenade” will be Mr. Soares, who has a larger role than his more fleeting moment in “Blind Pass,”, where he appears in just a handful of scenes. 

Though relatively new to acting, Mr. Soares was able to land this latest role thanks to his affable nature and the courage he displayed during the “Blind Pass” wrap party. “Steve Tatone kept looking at me at the party so I finally went up to him and joked, ‘This movie business is easy. When are we going to shoot another?’ ” Mr. Soares said. “He said to me, ‘I’ve got you in mind for another film. You look like this character Pluto.’ So I’m thinking is he talking about Pluto the dog?” 

The character could be nothing further from Mickey Mouse’s best friend. “He’s almost borderline psycho,” Mr. Soares said. “Picture Jack Nicholson in the ‘The Shining’ with many mood swings. This is the type of character I have to play.” 

Mr. Soares auditioned for the role of Pluto last March and was given the part. Filming is set to take place this summer in Sarasota, Amsterdam and Greece. 

While Mr. Soares has long worked as a performer, his recent foray into acting is an exciting step in his career path. “I really have time to prepare for a character and immerse myself in it,” he said. “I think it is great.” 

Acting Versus Stand-Up

And for him it is much less stressful than what he is asked to do in his other roles, especially as a comedian. He relayed a story from last month when he was entertaining troops at Rhein-Main Air Base near Frankfurt, Germany. On his first day there, he visited the military hospital, where he spoke with a soldier who had done two tours in Afghanistan and had been awarded two Purple Hearts.

“He had a NY Rangers shirt on so I asked, ‘Hey, where you from? You from NJ? You a Rangers fan? A good friend of mine, Nick Fotiu [of Falmouth], used to play for the NY Rangers’,” Mr. Soares said. “He said to me, ‘Oh my god. Nick was my dad’s favorite player’ so I promised him I’d make sure Nick would send him an autographed picture and puck.”

The next day, Mr. Soares went back to visit the soldier only to find his bed was empty. He had died of a brain hemorrhage. “It was very, very tough for me,” Mr. Soares said. “It really kind of bothered me for quite a while... I had really gotten attached to this one guy and then all of the sudden, boom, he passed away over night.”

Later that night Mr. Soares appeared on stage, telling jokes to the American troops stationed at the base. Making thousands of strangers laugh, he said, is difficult in and of itself, and that was only compounded with the death of the soldier he had recently met. 

When compared to stand-up, Mr. Soares said, “I think acting is a little bit easier. Acting is really reacting to another person.” 

And thanks to Mr. Tatone’s belief in him, Mr. Soares will have a chance to hone that talent this summer. It is a challenge Mr. Soares is looking forward to tackling. “I’m going to be in a film with Armand Assante and Ed Lauter so you’re talking about two of the great, great actors of our time,” he said. “I’m really excited about it.” 

To learn more about Wayne Soares visit his website.


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