A Toast to Microbrews at Cape Cod Brew Fest

Saturday, September 29 from 1 to 3 PM and 5 to 8 PM

Cape Cod Brew Fest - Saturday, September 29 from 1 to 3 PM and 5 to 8 PM

Microbreweries have benefited from an increase in popularity across the country over the last several years. Hipsters and professionals, young and old, urban and suburban are united in their respect for the independent craft beer companies, giving the commercial breweries a run for their money.

A reason for this increase in popularity is a matter of taste: pit a Bud Lite up against a full bodied, rich and frothy beer made from local grains in a small warehouse in your own neighborhood and the outcome is no surprise.

Just for the taste of it...

Cape Cod Brew Fest

Saturday, September 29

Barnstable County Fairgrounds

Route 151, East Falmouth

Two tasting sessions: 1 to 3 PM and 5 to 8 PM.

Tickets are $45 and are available at the gate.

For a complete list of beers, visit capecodbrewfest.com.

Cape Cod is part of the microbrew trend, and will attract hundreds of beer connoisseurs to taste over 100 craft beers at the inaugural Cape Cod Brew Fest on Satuday, September 29.

Local breweries such as Offshore Ale Company, Cape Cod Beer, Cisco Brewers and over thirty other regional and national microbrews like Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Magic Hat Brewing Company will be on hand pouring the fruits of their labor to potential fans.

“Brew Fest gives local breweries a chance for patrons to see what [microbrews] are like up against the bigger breweries,” says event organizer Matt Gray.

Gray, who runs an event management company called Graymatter, wanted to create a different event than his company normally pulls together.

“I'm a craft beer fan,” he says. “I've been to brew fests before and I thought I could do that probably just as good if not better.”

Drink fresh, drink local

Beer festivals and tastings are also a way for smaller breweries to reach potential fans who might not have seen their brand at the store.

“The reason we want to do things like the Brew Fest is that we are a small company,” says Christy Corcoran, a representative of Blue Hills Brewery, based in Canton. “It's all about exposure. We're not going to put ads on TV, but we believe strongly in our product and if we can get people to try it, we know they'll like it.”

Blue Hills represents the model of the fresh craft beer industry. Now in its fourth year of brewing small batches of beer made with locally-sourced ingredients, the company is committed to freshness without preservatives. If its products are still on the shelf of a bar or beer store after four months, Blue Hills will replace the beer free of charge, a way of creating a bond of trust between the brewery and its discerning fans.

At the festival, Blue Hills will be pouring a range of tastes for the fall season: Pumpkin Lager, a pumpkin-infused beverage; OktoBrau, a German-style lager; Stingy Jack Pumpkin Lager, the Blue Hills masterpiece; Black Hops, a year-round India Pale Ale; Dunkelweisen, a previously unreleased and hard-hitting wheat beer due out in October; and a limited edition of Bunkerbuster, a super hoppy IPA.  

Brew Fest attendees will enjoy free admission to the Barnstable Country Harvest Festival, which runs on both Saturday and Sunday. In celebration of all things autumn, there will be plenty of activities for children, including pony and hay rides and a pumpkin slingshot event.


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  • katiepjk

    Nice article. How was it? Which brews won awards? Anyone know?
  • Sam

    Was a great time. I got my buzz on. Unfortunately, as their first year, there were no awards given out, but I would say that my favorite beer of the day was the Blue Hills Pumpkin Ale or the Southern Tier IPA was delicious. But there were a ton of new breweries with brewers in their early 20s, which was kind of cool