Hole in One Scores With Old-Fashioned Donuts

The four sisters who make Hole In One so sweet (left to right): Jamie Wacht, Lori Field, Kristina Field, and Erica Taber.
CHRIS SETTERLUND - The four sisters who make Hole In One so sweet (left to right): Jamie Wacht, Lori Field, Kristina Field, and Erica Taber.

Everybody loves a good donut. But the donuts at The Hole In One Donut Shop in Eastham are not just good, they’re made the way nature intended, old fashioned and hand cut.

Visiting the shop in Eastham was a throwback to the good old days and a peek back into my childhood. Until the early ‘90s, my grandfather owned a well-loved locals’ hangout, Sullivan’s Donut Shop, in Hyannis, featuring hand cut donuts and a friendly atmosphere. When the shop closed and my grandfather sold his equipment, some of it went to Hole In One.

As soon as I walked in the doors, I was immediately taken back to those childhood days.  The white L-shaped counter and green diner-style bar stools give the small shop a classic look.  These stools are always filled year round, and one whiff is enough to tell you why. 

A family affair

Run by the sisters of the Bazzano family, Hole In One consists of two locations: the donut shop in Eastham, and a breakfast and lunch joint in Orleans. Due to her incredible speed, Kristina “The Machine” Field makes the donuts. Jamie Wacht (in Eastham) and Lori Field (in Orleans) are always visible out front, chatting with the gaggle of regulars. Erica Taber spends a lot of time doing the food prep for the restaurant and also makes the delicious granola treats known as Cape Cod Dune Mix

Lori was the first of the Bazzano sisters to work for the Hole in One’s previous owners during her summer breaks from college.  In 1989, the sisters and their parents, Cynthia and Thomas Bazzano, purchased the donut shop, opening the Orleans restaurant in 1992.

Mmmm... donuts!

The Hole In One Donut Shop

 4295 Route 6, Eastham
  (508) 255-9446
5 AM – 4 PM (til Labor Day) and
5 AM – 12 noon (off season)

The Hole In One Restaurant

98 Cranberry Highway, Orleans
(508) 255-3740
5 AM – 2 PM, 7 days a week, year round

The donut shop was formerly part of a set of cottages called Wentworth Acres.  Though some features of the cottage days remain, not much has changed since the sisters took over. 

“The bulk of the donuts were always here,” Erica told me. “We haven’t changed any of the mixes.”

Sweet nothings

Invited into the Eastham kitchen, I was able to see firsthand just how 24 varieties of delicious donuts are made. Before meeting their fate with the deep fryer, the centers are removed from the middle and set aside. (Unlike some chains you might have been to, these donut holes are usually just given away to customers!) 

After being fried, the donuts are slid onto rods and hung on a rack.  A sweet glaze is poured over the warm pastries and then each rod is rolled in the pool of glaze at the bottom to properly coat each donut.

I sampled a freshly made jelly stick after watching it get filled.  It was soft and warm on the inside but the outer layer held the jelly inside.  I did make a bit of a mess with the powdered sugar, but I imagine anyone would when faced with something so delicious. 

With lines out the door seemingly all through the summer, Hole In One makes 268 dozen donuts (that’s 15,000 total) per week!  During the winter they still average about 40 dozen per week. 

Hole in One also makes muffins, apple fritters, bagels, and cinnamon buns for sale and fresh breads, rolls, and pizza dough for the Orleans location and the Fairway Restaurant next door.

With two Lower Cape locations to choose from, Hole in One’s variety of donuts, muffins, and bagels bring in customers. The friendly service and charming old-time atmosphere brings them back. 

I’m feeling hungry for a honey-dipped right now…          


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  • donutking

    Hole-in-One makes a great donut--don't get me wrong. That said.....the finest donut in the US is made within a quarter mile by Flemings--in business with the best donuts since the early 1960's when I started eating them. Donut connoisseurs know this and head there whenever it's open. They have Eastham and Brewster locations. They also do a large wholesale volume. Their retail hours can be spotty, and they run out of things early. The ambiance sucks. The coffee is average old-school. That said, go there. Trust me, it will change your life!