The Daily Brew: So Much More Than Coffee

Kathy Hickey, owner and operator of the Daily Brew in Cataumet for the last six years, has created a home away from home for Bourne and Falmouth residents, surpassing the title of mere coffee shop.
Bronwen Prosser - Kathy Hickey, owner and operator of the Daily Brew in Cataumet for the last six years, has created a home away from home for Bourne and Falmouth residents, surpassing the title of mere coffee shop.

As Daily Brew owner Kathy Hickey put it, her coffee shop is "The Third Place." You have your home, you have your work and you have your third place, which in this case, is your community coffee house.

"You want coffee or food, you want to know who is getting married or you might want to find a place to rent, sell a truck or simply have someone to say 'Good Morning' to so you are not alone in your house." These are some of the friendly services The Brew provides.
"We try to treat everybody like family even if we don't know them," Ms. Hickey says.

The Daily Brew is housed in a beautiful old farmhouse that was built in 1870 and was run as a teahouse in the 1970s. Signs touting gratitude, mermaids, dreams to come true, and working hard decorate the building to create a positive atmosphere. A quote from Harry Truman above the kitchen door reads, "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.

Getting there

The Brew is at 1370 Route 28A in Cataumet and is open Monday through Saturday from 6 AM to 3 PM and Sundays from 7 AM to 2 PM.

Hickey has three daughters. She had taken time away from the restaurant business (she used to own The Parrot) to raise her daughters and she knew she wanted to go back to the business, but in a new way. She started at the Daily Brew as an employee serving coffee.

Glenn Corriveau, a talented chef, worked at The Parrot with Hickey and they crossed paths again, now both as employees at The Daily Brew. Hickey told her husband she was going to be working at the Daily Brew and her husband asked, "When are you going to buy it?" Sure enough, in May 2006, the Daily Brew came up for sale and, with Corriveau’s encouragement, she bought it.

Corriveau makes all the soups from scratch with his Friday fish chowder specialty as a major hit. It is made with all fresh fish from Falmouth Fish Market and has been voted as New England's best fish chowder after Legal Seafood. Everything is made to order and all the cookies, croissants, muffins and pastries are made every morning.

"What inspired me was to have a job where my girls could work and learn what I know: the value of community, hard work, and a sense of family, " Hickey says. "All three of my girls have worked here and it gives us an opportunity to be in the restaurant business and not lose track of family. We close every day at 3 and I'm there to catch the bus or go to orthodontist appointments and I'm not getting home at 4 AM." She laughs "I'm getting up at 4 AM instead!"

Frequent customer Steve Connor of North Falmouth says The Daily Brew is like a cornerstone species that all other species depend upon. "If the Brew closed, I would have to move my business."

Moving a business might be dramatic for most of us, but the essential need to have a tasteful food establishment with a wide variety of affordable meals and a welcoming ambiance is necessary to every community. The menu is creative with an incredible smoothie selection as well as both meat and vegetarian sandwich options.

The Daily Brew has a variety of seating from more traditional tables downstairs to lounge sofas upstairs for thinking and writing and long cozy chats. Also there is music on the weekends offering an entertaining environment that is an alternative to a pub.

When asked about the seasonal aspect of business of the Cape and being a year-round business, Hickey responds, "We've been blessed with a very loyal year-round following. When we first opened we would feel the pinch of the seasons but now that we've been around for a bit, I can say I feel grateful to have a community that supports us."

Clearly this is a direct result of Kathy Hickey's ambitious and lively spirit and Glenn Corriveau’s delicious cooking. The Daily Brew is an example of a well-run business thoughtfully designed around family and a strong sense of community.



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  • MamaKT

    I'm so conflicted...! Do I say something genuine and warm that eloquently illustrates my huge joy and pride in my friend, or do I go crass and vulgar to eloquently illustrate my huge joy and pride in my friend?
  • sdquirk

    As a seasonal resident who spends waaaaay too much time at the Daily Brew, I can attest to all the upbeat, positive qualities of the place mentioned here. The food and coffee are terrific, but it's the spirit of the staff and family feeling that keep me coming back. So much so, I feel bereft when I return to my winter residence.
  • drumbeat

    What fun to bump into this story after my 6AM Saturday morning visit to Daily Brew this morning. MamaKT and sdquirk are spot-on with their comments. I'll add that there is a certain magic lingering here. The mermaids hint at it, the food is infused with it, and the sometimes bawdy, but constantly heart-felt laughter drifts up the stairs with it.