Vineyarder Opens Parkside Market in Falmouth

Emily Kidd and Kelsey Kuehn behind the counter at the Parkside Market on Main Street in Falmouth.
Don Parkinson - Emily Kidd and Kelsey Kuehn behind the counter at the Parkside Market on Main Street in Falmouth.

It took just 21 days to convert the former Artie's Cafe into Parkside Market, a new restaurant now serving breakfast and lunch at 281 Main Street, Falmouth.

"It's hard the first time but then you get the hang of it," said Stephen Bowen, the owner of two other restaurants, Waterside Market and Blue Canoe, both in Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard.

The Parkside Market serves the same menu as the Waterside Market, a selection of sandwiches, soups, and breakfast all day. All the foods are made from fresh ingredients that are organic and local where possible, Mr. Bowen said. They also roast their own hormone-free meats in-house.

The name Parkside Market comes from the fact that the restaurant faces Peg Noonan Park, just as the Waterside Market in Vineyard Haven faces the water.

The new addition to Main Street, Falmouth, has a certain metropolitan feel. There are Parisian-style cafe chairs at granite-topped cast iron tables and the menu is handwritten in chalk on large blackboards.

Bowen, 45, is from Baltimore originally and moved to the island because his wife, Susan, had vacationed on the Vineyard as a child. After working in the restaurant business for 20 years, they opened the Waterside Market five years ago.

They will still live on the Vineyard with their 9-year-old daughter, Dylan, but Mr. Bowen is also renting an apartment in Falmouth to manage the new restaurant.

"We like Falmouth and it seemed like an ideal location," he said. There are plans to offer dinner and can now serve liquor thanks to receiving their license from the board of selectmen earlier this week. 

The Parkside Market is next door to the former Roobar, which is being rehabilitated into an English pub and restaurant.

Deborah D. Maguire, co-owner of Liam Maguire's Irish Pub & Restaurant, noted that with the addition of the new English pub, the French bakery Maison Villatte, and Italian food at Stone L'Oven, the block has an international appeal. "Our section of Main Street is going to be like Epcot Center," she said.

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