Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever

iO's favorite Super Bowl commercials ever!
- iO's favorite Super Bowl commercials ever!

The Super Bowl is a time for most of us to stuff our mouths with chicken wings, nachos and chili, slowly expanding our waist lines and serving as the perfect antithesis to the athletes we all root for (or against) on the one Sunday evening in the beginning of February that marks the end to the NFL season.

Just as entertaining - and in some years even more so - are the commercials we willingly watch to see which will make us laugh, cry or cringe (Yes, we're talking to you GoDaddy). 

Apple generally gets the universal nod from critics for perfecting the Super Bowl spot with its 1984 masterpiece directed by Ridley Scott ("Alien"; "Blade Runner"; "Gladiator"): 

But there are a number of other Super Bowl commercials that have hit just the right button, and ones we look back at fondly despite the knowledge we are being pitched a product and it is our money these companies ultimately want. 

Understanding that premise, we here at iO still have an appreciation for the commercials that do it right. So without further ado here are our top Super Bowl commercials ever made.

5. Wassup Budweiser Commercial (Super Bowl XXXIV - 2000)

Though "Wassup" has been endlessly parodied, both in popular media and amongst our friends, to the point it became unfunny, the commercial still holds up, namely because it perfectly captures the stereotypical conversations males have with one another. 

4. Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald's (Super Bowl XXVII - 1993)

It's hard to believe this commercial aired more than two decades ago at a time when Lebron James and Kevin Durant were still kids, dreaming of becoming the next Larry Bird or Michael Jordan. Here the two basketball legends trade shot for shot in a friendly game of H-O-R-S-E that quickly becomes more unbelievable as the competiton continues. That is what makes it so enjoyable which is why McDonald's hit "nothing but net" with this commercial, corny pun intended. 

3. Betty White Snickers (Super Bowl XLIV - 2010)

We're not sure whether the Betty White resurgence happened before or after this commercial, but here at iO we're just glad it happened. Betty White is an American institution and thanks to this commercial and the Facebook petition demanding she appear on SNL, the current crop of kids growing up will have fond memories of her as a hip, hilarious comedian. 

And it shows that no matter what age or sex one is, funny is funny. 

2. Terry Tate Office Linebacker Reebok (Super Bowl XXXVII - 2003)

Let's face it, corporate America needs more Terry Tate's working in their offices. We'd all be more productive if we knew a 230-pound linebacker was running full-speed down the hallway about to deliver a bone-crushing hit if we didn't file our reports on time. 

Honestly, this is still such a funny commercial even 10 years after it first aired. 

1. The Force Volkswagen Commercial (Super Bowl XLV - 2011)

Hands down the best Super Bowl ad ever, and not just because we're major Star Wars geeks here at iO... though that does have a lot to do with it. Obviously, Volkswagen was able to successfully capitalize on the iconic imagery of Darth Vader.

But this spot nails it in more ways than one. It speaks to the kid in all of us and the one lesson we all learned at a young age: to never give up. That is why his repeated attempts at using "the force" are so funny. And when he finally succeeds, with the help of his father, we can't help but cheer for him. 


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