Breaking Down the New England Patriots Offseason Needs

Now that the Pats have locked up Brady we look at who they should sign to go along with him.
- Now that the Pats have locked up Brady we look at who they should sign to go along with him.

Now that Tom Brady has shown he is a true team player and reworked his contract, the New England Patriots have the cap flexibility to surround him with the talent he needs to bring us another Super Bowl title next season.

Though pundits are already predicting what Belichick will do with that extra cash, the team could simply sit pretty and still be a contender for the crown.

Should they? No. Will they? Definitely not.

The Patriots can go any number of ways in free agency to shore up their defense and strengthen their juggernaut of an offense. My gut tells me they are going to go full-steam ahead and let the chips fall where they may.

I’ve been working the phone the past two weeks to find out exactly how they will use their money. And my sources have revealed this is who the Pats WILL sign for the 2013 season:

1. Aaron Rodgers (QB)  

Belichick would love to have an insurance policy for Brady and those inside the Pats brass say he is making a strong push to sign Rodgers as a back up should Tom Terrific go down.

While Rodgers is NFL-ready he still needs a few more seasons under his belt before any GM hands him the reigns to an offense. And when Brady retires as the winningest QB to ever play the game, Rodgers will be sitting pretty to bring the Pats a few more Super Bowl trophies to add to their collection.

2. Adrian Peterson (RB)

Peterson has said repeatedly he wants to play for a proven winner and the Pats are not only a winner, they are awesome. I can see this deal happening immediately.

3. Ray Rice (RB)

After realizing that Baltimore’s win in this year’s Super Bowl was tainted, Rice needs to show he is a true champion, not just a paper champion. He can only do that in New England. If he decides to return to Baltimore the fans can never support him again. 

4. Calvin Johnson (WR)

Johnson loves to catch the ball and Brady loves to throw it. This is a natural fit.

5. Andre Johnson (WR)

He’d be stupid not to go to New England where he will put up huge numbers next year. Otherwise he is going nowhere. Fast.

6. Ndamukong Suh (DT)

Belichick will line up Suh with Wilfork and let them go gangbusters on opposing QBs and cause many sleepless nights for head coaches in the AFC East.

7. Clay Matthews (LB)

With Aaron Rodgers leaving for New England, Matthews will follow suit. The pair are best friends and I can never see them playing on different teams.

8. Patrick Willis (LB)

I saw somewhere that the 49ers star felt he was stifled by his coaches last season and when he came to Foxboro this past December he realized that Belichick is the best coach ever. For Willis to be considered the best, he has to play for the best.

9. Darrelle Revis (CB)

Revis has already verbally agreed to sign with the Pats so he can win a Super Bowl trophy and revive his career.

10. Troy Polamalu (S)

Pittsburgh is the worst city ever. Nobody wants to play there and Polamalu confided in my sources he is going to opt out of his contract and head north up I-95 to New England which is the best city in the world. That’s why we’re title town and the Pats will only add to their trophy case next season.


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  • fb29

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE with these rankings. Andre is too old for the Patriots. You know they are going to go after a younger receiver who can stretch the field. That's right Julio Jones. Dimitroff and Belichick are always summering in Cape Cod together. Dimitroff will probably trade Julio for a shandygaff. Along the same lines, I have heard that Polamalu is joining the Pats, but as the new mascot. They did market research and Pats fans really love shiny hair. I think the one oversight here is additions to the coaching staff. You know now would be a good time to bring in a young guy and have him learn the ropes from the master. You know I am thinking Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh isn't quite pro-ready, but he will be ready by the time Belichick is ready to hand over the reigns.
  • bobbilly