Hero of the Week: David Neevel, Oreo Splitter

image- http://brands.nabisco.com/oreo/cookievscreme/ - - "Cookies vs Creme" the basis of a new advertising campaign for Oreo cookies.

While nothing may ever beat mom's homemade cookies, Oreos has more than held its own against its commercial competitors.

But with its latest marketing campaign, the company has notched a slam dunk (into the milk glass) over its fellow cookie makers.

Earlier this week Mashable reported that the company has put forward the type of question one might expect to see tackled at an elementary science fair - what is better the cookie or the creme?

It started with Instagram, where Oreos asked users to post pictures of their favorite part of the cookie, the inside or the outside. Now it has taken that challenge a step further by calling on four scientific heavyweights to show mechanically how they would design a machine that would separate the cookie from the filling. Those results will be shown over the next two weeks on YouTube. 

The first entrant is physicist David Neevel of Oregon, who went to painstaking lengths to take the cookie, divide and then conquer. He's got a great mustache, the hints of a fun Northwestern accent and the likability and earnestness that Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel satirize in "Portlandia."

It starts with this line: "One of the hardest things to overcome was to learn how to build robots and make them work, but it was also difficult to keep my hands warm and the back of my neck warm," Neevel says in his video submission. 

And what of the machine he built? He admittedly has no catch phrase for it, but suggests either "Let's get that creme out of there" or "like, this creme's no good, get it off the cookie or something" would suffice.

While these types of campaigns always lead to some level of skepticism, Oreos hit a jackpot with Neevel who appears to be genuine, something that is pretty much lacking in the landscape of characters forced upon us by reality television today. Let's hope that the other competitors are just as quirky as Neevel. 

So without further adieu check out Neevel and the machine he's been working on for ".4 years... wait, .04 years." Outside of the awkward title sequence, it's pretty awesome, although it may say something about America that we've tapped scientists to figure out the most inventive way to split an Oreo.

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