iO's Funniest Dance Videos


This is the first in a new series of articles called iOpeners where the iO staff will be highlighting some of our favorite content from around the interwebs.

Let's face it: we all love to dance, whether it's in our bedroom when no one is watching, in the car rocking out to some Steely Dan at a stoplight or at a wedding when the DJ puts on the Macarena. 

Not all of us are great dancers. Some have to work at it harder than others which is why we are giving YOU some inspiration. Take notes. And when you're done record your own video. Who knows you may end up on this list in the near future. 

5. JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Okay, Chris Brown aside this video makes us all wish we attended Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz's wedding in 2009. And since then it has led to copy cat performances (including Pam and Jim's wedding in "The Office"), proving that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

4. Miracle Jackson

What's amazing about this video is the commitment Miracle Jackson has to her one dance move. We really hope this catches on at The Squire this summer. 

3. Red-Haired Boy Getting Low To Flo Rida

We all have our guilty pleasures and for this little red-head, it's Flo Rida. We honestly can't blame him. It would be great if doctors cloned him and had the clone babies perform in flash mobs throughout the country. 

2. Evolution Of Dance 

There is a reason this is one of the most viewed videos of all time. Thank you, Judson Laipply. You have taught us so much.

1. Evolution Of Dance II 

His first video was so good Judson Laipply had to make another. And it is just as funny and creative as the original which leads us to wonder: why hasn't he been on "Dancing with the Stars?" 

Is there a video you think is better? Share it with us here on iO or on Facebook. And let us know of future lists you'd like to see.


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