Steve Agee's Vine Destroys James Urbaniak's Vine Hands Down


Although we're not one to take sides, we have to take major umbrage with the Huffington Post's recent declaration that James Urbaniak deserves an Oscar for his early auteur work on Vine. 

Urbaniak, who is the voice behind Dr. Venture, is deservedly in the discussion for the six-second videos he has produced like this one here he posted yesterday (that we can't embed because technology stinks) which poked fun at the Onion's wildly inoffensive Oscar tweet at the expense of his cat. 

But we can share this one which is just as clever: 

While Urbaniak is admittedly funny we are a little bit upset that the Huffington Post overlooked funnyman Steve Agee, who responded (rightfully so) with this Vine yesterday afternoon... never mind. Agee decided not to tweet it, but you should follow him to see his heartfelt, emotional and hilarious response to the Post's editorial decision to anoint Urbaniak the King of Vine.

Agee did have the forsight to tweet this video which shows his athleticism and witticism at the same time. In his words, he "NAILED IT!"

And he went all method actor on us just to make us laugh in this bit here: 

Finally, in his short time on Vine Agee has had the star cache to land major Hollywood stars, including fellow comic Sarah Silverman and actor Jon Hamm. Check out the insight he gets from Hamm on the upcoming season of "Mad Men": 

So before handing Urbaniak the crown, the Huffington Post should get a better view of the Vine landscape so it can see that Agee is a major contender for the throne. In our eyes Agee is the Clubber Lang to Urbaniak's Rocky Balboa. And we all know who won that match.


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