Cape Cod Celebrates The Mayan Apocalypse

The Dive Bar itself.
Don Parkinson - The Dive Bar itself.

An alien invasion, zombie apocalypse or asteroid hurtling toward Earth are just some of the ways conspiracy theorists have predicted the world will end today.

Those doomsday scenarios coincide with the end of civilization that is marked on the Mayan calendar as December 21, 2012 (which if correct would mean this is the last published article on iO).

With such dire predictions, several Falmouth restaurants are hoping to capitalize on the end of the world as we know it by holding, well, end-of-the-world parties.

Erik Bevans, co-owner of the Quahog Republic on Spring Bars Road, credited co-owner Tom Hughes for concocting their “last ever” party a few weeks ago. “He came up with the idea and said,‘The end of the world is coming. We have to throw a party’,” Mr. Bevans said with a laugh.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It! 

WHERE: Quahog Republic on Spring Bars Road, Falmouth, at 9 PM

Grumpy's Pub on Locust Street, Falmouth, at 9:30 PM

The Beach House Restaurant on North Falmouth Highway at 10 PM.

Zombies and aliens permitted with proper I.D.

The premise, of course, is that it is better to experience the apocalypse with others than to do so alone, and have fun in the process.

At the Quahog Republic, bartender Bob Flynn has devised his own drink just for tonight, Mayan Madness, which Mr. Bevans described as “an elixir to ease the pain of the world ending.”

The restaurant has also created commemorative T-shirts—“They will block solar flares from affecting the body,” Mr. Bevans boasted—that read “Party Like There’s No To-Maya.”

Mr. Bevans also provided a money-back guarantee for those who do attend tonight’s festivities: “If the end of the world does come true, we will refund everyone’s money that day,” he said.

Having recently returned from a four-day trip to New Orleans, Mr. Bevans said, he is one of those who believe the Mayans were correct. “That’s why I relinquished every last one of my dollars. I spent it all in New Orleans this past weekend,” he said.

As to how it will end, he predicted an alien invasion, which would benefit Tom and his wife, Kristen. “They have an escape pod built into their house that will shoot off into space,” Mr. Bevans said.

Jokes aside, Mr. Bevans said tonight’s event is simply a way to have people gather for “a great, great pre-holiday bash. With Christmas around the corner, hopefully people will want to enjoy themselves.”

In North Falmouth, the Beach House Restaurant is also hosting an end-of-the-world party featuring live music from The Crooked Coast beginning at 10 PM.

Owner Patrick Bonzagni predicted a zombie apocalypse, although he admitted he has not prepared himself for the inevitable by reading Max Brooks’ “Zombie Survival Guide,” laughing that “of course I didn’t read it. And I know for sure Mr. Bevans hasn’t either.”

So then, what about watching AMC’s ode to zombies, “The Walking Dead”? “I actually don’t watch that,” Mr. Bonzagni said. “I’m sort of frightened by it.”

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