Clay Aiken for President

Clay Aiken on the South Lawn of the White House.
- Clay Aiken on the South Lawn of the White House.

Tomorrow Americans throughout the country will cast their votes in what many are calling the most important presidential election of the past four years.

We here at IO Cape Cod went back and forth with both candidates. We saw the wisdom in reelecting Barack Obama, but also appreciated Mitt Romney as a dogged defender of personal liberty and small government.

But after much deliberation our editorial staff decided we can not support either candidate. If America wants REAL change - change WE can all believe in - WE need someone we can truly get behind. That person is "American Idol" and "Celebrity Apprentice" finalist Clay Aiken.

Several factors went into our endorsement including the fact that:

1. As the best vocal artist of the three, Clay Aiken will be able to sing the National Anthem at all state functions, making him the first president to EVER achieve this level of excellence.

2. As a virtual unknown in 2003, Clay Aiken garnered over 150 million votes during the entire second season of "American Idol", well above the 69.4 million Obama got in 2008. (Note: this is also why we are making a strong push to revamp the voting system so Americans can text and phone-in their votes in 2016 so Clay can be reelected).

3. This will finally right the wrong when Clay was illegally and unjustly snubbed in the finals of both "American Idol" and "Celebrity Apprentice."

If this does not convince you, perhaps this video will.

DO THE RIGHT THING, AMERICA. When it comes time to cast your vote tomorrow make sure to check the box marked "Clay."

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  • Sam

    "Global Warming is melting our faces off" - classic
  • Judy

    I'd vote for Clay...DEFINITELY. One day...Clay loves politics. He's also a Unicef Ambassador for Education. Seriously.....hang on to this clip...