Countdown To WMVY's Big Chili Contest

Mexico Lindo, the mariachi band, rocks 2012's chili fest.

Don Parkinson - Mexico Lindo, the mariachi band, rocks 2012's chili fest.

By this time tomorrow many of our faithful readers will be knee-deep in chili, downing margaritas, and grooving to the sounds of the island's favorite mariachi band Mexico Lindo.  

For those who do not yet have tickets, there is still some hope. Sort of.  "Tell them they should plan ahead for next year," WMVY's general manager Greg Orcutt said half-jokingly, before offering more serious advice: "There will be tickets available at the door."

As of noon, he did not have an exact count though he said the available tickets will be limited. For those who do not have tickets, Orcutt recommended they arrive by 11 AM in hopes of buying them at the door. 

Another option is to ask friends on Facebook, as online chatter for the event is only growing. Outside of that Orcutt said there are no businesses, on-island or off, that are currently selling tickets to the winter's best party. 

Orcutt estimated as many as 2,800 people will be heading to Oak Bluffs tomorrow, a much higher number than normal. "My first year doing this [in 2002] we had about 700 people," he said. "After 27 years this event has developed a huge following. It is one of the biggest events of the first quarter on the Cape and the Islands."

Staff will begin letting people in at 10:30 and Mexico Lindo will begin playing an hour later on the main stage. They will be followed by Martha's Vineyard's own six-piece band Entrain. 

And despite the threat of snow tonight, Orcutt was not fearful chili fest will be postponed. "Unless the boats don't run between Woods Hole and Vineyard Haven, we'll be fine," he said. "And they will run, barring an act of god." 

The Steamship Authority schedule can be found here and additional information on the Big Chili Contest can be found on WMVY's website

Though it's a monumental effort to put on chili fest, Orcutt said it is worth it. "It's a wonderful event and it benefits a great cause, The Red Stocking Fund," he said. "It's really a nice way to showcase the island in the off-season." 

Make sure to follow iO on Twitter (@insideoutcapecod) for live tweets of tomorrow's 27th annual chili fest. 


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