Beatlemania at the BBC!

Performing Beatles songs like they're the real thing at Lennonfest 2010.
Walrus Gumboot - Performing Beatles songs like they're the real thing at Lennonfest 2010.
The British Beer Company sponsors its 6th Annual Lennon Fest on Sunday, October 9 from 1 to 5 PM on the "Strawberry Fields" outside the Falmouth Heights restaurant.
Honoring what would have been John Lennon’s 71st birthday, the festival includes games for the kids and a dunk tank for adults, and a British celebrity costume contest with prizes.
Live music featuring Beatles/1960s cover band Walrus Gumboot and special guests Max Cohen and the Misfits of Avalon will set the tone for the day, with Flydown performing their regular Sunday night gig inside the restaurant starting at 7 PM.
Food and beverages will be sold outside, and the restaurant will be open for those who prefer to eat or drink inside.
Walrus Gumboot, a group of four South Shore musicians who share a love of music by the Beatles, includes Brian Kerins of Flydown on lead vocals and bass; David Broadbent on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards; Eric Bostrom on vocals, guitar, keyboards, and sound effects; and Johnny “Bullet” Morelli on drums.
Morelli, who expects 5,000 people to attend the event, said the Gumboot Boys like to think that they are the musical prophets who have been brought together to play the music of the Beatles the way John, Paul, George and Ringo would have, had they continued in their 30s and kept playing live shows.
“Walrus Gumboot is not a tribute band. They don’t dress up in Beatle regalia as many Beatlemania-style tribute bands do. They put all of their effort into creating pure and precise Beatle music that gives you goosebumps when you stand there feeling as though you are back in time during the days of peace and love, and war,” Morelli said.
The band plays all the original Beatle songs and many of the songs recorded by individual members after the band broke up. 
Max Cohen and the Misfits of Avalon, who perform regularly at King Richard’s Renaissance Faire, will play a mix of acoustic, Celtic, and folk genres. Band members are known for their accomplished finger-style guitar playing. 
There is no charge for the event, but attendees are asked to bring contributions for Falmouth Service Center food pantry. 
Festivities continue inside the British Beer Company from 7 PM to midnight.



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