Everlast to Perform on Cape Cod

- Everlast

For those who grew up in the early 1990s there was only one group, outside of physical education teachers, that could literally make teenagers jump around: House of Pain.

And tomorrow evening the Grammy award-winning Everlast, the front man for that hip-hop group, will be center stage at The Beach House Restaurant in North Falmouth, in what is being billed as an acoustic set.

The one question on most everyone’s mind: will he perform “Jump Around”?

“I don’t know. I was wondering that myself,” said Luke Vose, one of the lead singers for Crooked Coast, which will be opening up for Everlast, whose real name is Erik Schrody. “It is just him acoustic. I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe he teased it. It’s a little bit of the elephant in the room wherever he goes. I’m not sure what he’ll do with it. It’ll be exciting to see.”

Just as exciting for Mr. Vose, who will be joined by only one of his bandmates, fellow singer John McNamara, is the opportunity to open up for someone of Everlast’s stature.

This is now the second time Crooked Coast has been given such exposure at Patrick Bonzagni’s Beach House Restaurant. At the end of December the Falmouth-based band opened up for Grammy nominated artist and rapper Afroman.

It is part of a trend Mr. Bonzagni has started in the last six months to bring higher profile names to his North Falmouth eatery. It started, he said, when a longtime friend of his, Albert Fleury of Hampton, New Hampshire, came down to visit the restaurant last summer. “We worked at Shuckers together and always kept in touch,” Mr. Bonzagni said.

The pair have continued to work in the restaurant industry with Mr. Bonzagni at The Beach House and Mr. Fleury owning Wally’s Pub in New Hampshire’s Hampton Beach, known strictly as a music venue. After his visit to North Falmouth, Mr. Bonzagni said, Mr. Fleury told him “you can do what we’re doing, but on a smaller scale. That is how I got Afroman and this one with Everlast.”

Along with those two concerts he has been able to land the Boston-based Ghosts of Jupiter, who also performed in December. “They are now making a big name for themselves locally and nationally,” Mr. Bonzagni said, pointing to their laser light show at the Museum of Science in Boston as proof.

Last week he welcomed the Southern hip-hop quartet Nappy Roots to North Falmouth.

ALO and Jeff Bauman

But his biggest name, prior to landing Everlast, was the Animal Liberation Orchestra, the California-based band that is signed to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records. Attending that early-June show was Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, who ended up staying at a cottage owned by Mr. Bonzagni’s mother.

“She has a cottage up the road so she opened up her doors to him and his buddies for Friday night,” Mr. Bonzagni said. “I got over there about noon on Saturday to see how he was doing and the house was immaculate. The sun came out and John Beninghof [of Woods Hole] was there playing songs on his guitar. They ended up staying down here another night.”

And with that experience, Mr. Bonzagni was able to develop a friendship with Mr. Bauman. “I told him we are friends for life,” Mr. Bonzagni said, laughing that “I told him the only problem is he’s stuck with me now.”

At that show earlier this month Mr. Beninghof’s band was given the chance to open up for Animal Liberation Orchestra.

The importance of these types of experiences for local bands, Mr. Vose said, cannot be understated. “For bands like us that have developed their own following and scene here it gives you that next place to go,” he said.

And it puts Falmouth on the map, letting performers of Everlast’s stature know that this is a community that not only wants to listen to good music, but bring in major talent. “This is really awesome because this used to be a flyover town,” Mr. Vose said. “You used to see touring acts come to the Vineyard and they would only drop in Falmouth to go on the Steamship Authority.”

That is quickly changing, Mr. Vose said, thanks to Mr. Bonzagni’s passion for music and efforts to connect national artists with the Falmouth community.

In turn that serves to inspire Cape-based bands like Crooked Coast. “You see it firsthand that people can make a living doing this,” Mr. Vose said. “We may not be on that same level, but you have that feeling you are in the same field, on the same stage and singing into the same microphone. It is very inspiring and just reminds you it is possible." 

Those interested in purchasing tickets for tomorrow's show can do so through ticketweb.com and searching for "Everlast" or "The Beach House."


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