Mighty Ceej Delivers Music for the Mind

Sandwich rapper Charles McElroy, otherwise known as Mighty Ceej, is taking his sound from under the Sagamore Bridge to the masses with his latest studio album,
MIGHTY CEEJ - Sandwich rapper Charles McElroy, otherwise known as Mighty Ceej, is taking his sound from under the Sagamore Bridge to the masses with his latest studio album, "Out of the Cave."

“You got to get mad! You got to say ‘I’m a human being… my life has value!’” yells actor Peter Finch from the 1976 film Network on the opening track of Charles “Mighty Ceej” McElroy’s new album, Out Of The Cave.

It's only fitting that McElroy decides to start off his new project with such a call to arms: with a title inspired by Plato’s allegory of self-discovery and freedom in The Republic, Out Of The Cave is a wake up call for listeners to take charge of their lives.

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Out of the Cave CD Release Party

Mighty Ceej performs live with D.J. XP, Brian Sances & Ahlayda to promote his 5th studio album

Tuesday, October 2nd
9 PM to close

The Island Merchant

302 Main Street, Hyannis

The Sandwich rapper’s fifth album is a continuation of his quest for spiritual awakening that will alleviate both the financial and emotional oppression many Americans find themselves in. There’s none of the hollow gloating or one-upmanship that is custom in the hip-hop scene today. Instead, the album harks back to the honest “old school” ideology of the power of words that was the original mission of hip-hop some 30 years ago.

“What has become of modern day mainstream rap music [is that it] often lacks depth and any real substance. The biggest problem is that people don't relate to it,” says McElroy.

“With a world economy tanking, our neighborhoods polluted with drugs, violence, and children growing up without fathers, we’re supposed to relate to music about expensive cars, selling drugs with no remorse for the destruction of our communities, and degrade women to mere objects? It just doesn't make sense.”

True to form, McElroy delivers on his word in songs like “Hustle & Flow,” in which he sings to a rising synth dance beat, “If you got bills to pay and mouths to feed/Then put your hands in the air ‘cause your down with me.” 

The conscious lyrics hold their own in the reggae sway of “S.F.P (Self Fulfilling Prophecies)” in which he spits disdainfully, “Cover your eyes/Cover your ears/Do what they tell you/Live in fear/Don’t you even think about speaking now/Disappear.”

What makes McElroy’s words and stance more convincing and empowering is his delivery; he never waivers, except on “Soliloquies of Winter,” where he raps about being his own worst enemy. The most personal track, however, is his free-form delivery to his deceased grandmother in “Grace.”

Recorded at Echo Studios in Boston, Out Of The Cave was a team effort consisting of help from local artists including Ahlayda, Greedy Irish and Nokside. Making a special rare appearance as well is Boston emcee Professor Lyrical.

But the star of the show is the Mighty Ceej himself. In a time when artists may take the easy way out and sing about what they believe the music charts will reward, McElroy is a diamond in the rough, an artist and lyricist who isn’t afraid to follow his own voice and sing about what he believes in.

With lyrics that demand attention, listeners are compelled to listen and think about what they are hearing. On Out Of The Cave, McElroy delivers music for the mind.


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